How To Get Successful Open House

Having an open house is one way for your real estate agent to show the house to several potential buyers at the same time. It can be the difference between receiving few to no offers to having several offers on your home. Before staging and having an open house, you, as the owner, should box up and store most of your personal items like pictures of the family, special heirlooms, etc. This is so the potential buyers can picture themselves living in the home.

When staging an open house look at any problems spots from the buyer’s perspective. If the walls are painted a color that only you might like or that a potential buyer might find unattractive then you should paint the walls a neutral color or some type of off white. This way they can picture the room’s walls painted in a color that they like and would go with their decor that would be in the room.

You should plan fixing areas of the home that seem outdated. One example is kitchen cabinets that may be painted an ugly color or the knobs are mismatched, discolored, or even missing you should replace the knobs with something attractive. You could even remove the paint if you want and re-stain the cabinets a wood color. Make sure that the countertops are not stained or chipped.

Make sure to fix any minor repairs such as a step that is loose on the staircase leading to the basement or outside, a leaky faucet, missing railing on the stairs, etc. You do not want someone to fall and get hurt. Seeing little things like this can make some buyers feel that more things could be wrong with the house and decide not to make an offer on it.

The next step is to pack away any unneeded furniture or items. You should store them away with your personal items. You should keep the furniture to the basics in each room to allow the buyer to imagine their furniture being in the room. You do not have to change the entire layout of the furniture in the room but you might want to rearrange some of it to give the room a more spacious look..

The last thing to do a few days before the open house is make sure that the home has curb appeal. You want to make sure that there are no children’s toys in the front yard, that it is mowed, any bushes are trimmed and neat because when a potential buyer goes to an open house the first thing they see is the front yard and the front of the house. You could also have a small potted plant on the porch.