All About Buying an Older Home

When looking at houses for sale some prefer newer homes but some prefer the charm of an older home. If you are considering purchasing an older house for sale there are pros and cons of doing so.


• Architectural details-in some of the older homes for sale you may be able to find some of the intricate woodwork that was carved out or crafted manually by carpenters as was done decades ago because there were none of the modern tools carpenters use today. This makes the architectural work irreplaceable and unique. There are no two older homes that will be similar in their style and look. Older homes are meant for those that enjoy the artisanship of that time.

• Cost-effective-the one reason that older homes are relatively cost-effective is that you can get more square footage for a better price that you would pay for a new home with the same amount of square footage.

• Bigger yards-when older and newer homes for sale you will most often find that the older houses have a bigger yard. This extra space can give you more room for a garden, to put in a swimming pool, and pets and children have more room to move and play. With larger yards, your neighbors are not right next to you as many new homes are.


• Cost of refurnishing and repairs-sometimes an old home was not maintained properly by the owner so this could mean that you will have to spend more money for refurbishment and repairs. One example is if you bought an older home in a costal area you may have to replace rusty pipes. If it has been awhile since the roof was replaced or check then you may have to put on a new roof. In such homes many times, wallpaper was used instead of paint so you may have to peel layers of this off in order to paint the walls. There may also be weak spots in the floors that you have to repair. You may also have to upgrade appliances.

• Safety and health concerns-if there are no smoke alarms installed you will have to install them. You may also have to have an older home re-wired, which should have been pointed out during the home inspection. There is also no way to determine if the older house is mercury-/lead-/asbestos-free.

When considering buying an older house for sale make sure that you have it inspected before signing the final papers. See what is wrong and then decide if you want to tackle these problems or find another house for sale. An older home may have charm but it could also be expensive to repair.